Bawadi Mall is the largest shopping center in the city of Al Ain, but had very limited ways to communicate with the thousands of visitors stepping through its door each day. They approached us with the task of designing and developing a new renovated website that would allow them to reach a greater number of mall patrons through a responsive platform and streamlined design.



We took their colorful brand identity and went with it to design and develop a highly customized and responsive HTML 5 website. The result was a bright, uplifting site that perfectly portrays their identity. In addition, they entrusted their social media management to us in order to present the mall’s promotions, activities, and events.



We have helped Bawadi Mall reach their social media and communication goals via carefully studying and analyzing their objectives, creating engaging content and designs primarily targeting Al Ain residents, and responding to inquiries rapidly and accurately at minimum response time.

What we did

– Corporate website
– Social media management
– User interface
– User experience