– Limited social media presence and minimal engagement with audience
– Static and unresponsive website
– Lack of e-commerce platform
– Outdated brand identity and logo design



We took their well-established brand identity and created a modern logo to match their current vision. In addition, we helped them reached their social media and communication goals via capitalizing on their brand image, creating engaging content, contests, and designs, and responding to inquiries rapidly and accurately.

In addition, we partnered with key social media influencers to enhance brand awareness and customer trust & loyalty.



– A new renovated e-commerce website that has allowed Al Jaber Optical to reach 250% more online customers through a responsive platform and streamlined design
– 350% increase in social media followers and 720% increase in audience engagement
– Refurbished brand identity and guidelines that will carry the brand through a rapidly developing digital world

What we did

– Branding
– E-commerce website
– SEO & PPC campaigns
– Social media strategy & management