Great creative can give you an advantage over your competitors. But if you lack the resources for new creative assets, or would like to get more use out of the assets that you already own, try repurposing your photos. You don’t need to be a professional designer or photographer to create captivating images. The seven tips below will show you how easy it is to repurpose your creative assets using simple edits.


1. Create multiple images from one

Carousel adverts allow you to engage customers with a multi-image experience in just one advert. You can create a carousel advert using a panoramic photo. Get started with these simple steps:

– Crop the photo into 3-5 separate images
– Make sure that each photo is interesting on its own as well as together with other photos
– Use each image separately in the carousel advert


2. Find a different focal point

Create a new focal point by zooming in on specific features and cropping the image. For example, you could use a photo of clothing and accessories, then zoom in and crop to focus on several pieces. Select images with a lot of visual interest and make sure that you use a high-resolution image so that it’s not blurry.


3. Discover a new angle

Rotate and crop your photo to alter the focal point of the image, as well as the feelings that it elicits from viewers. For example, you could use an image of your inventory, such as shoes and accessories, and view it from all angles to see which one is the most interesting.


4. Use a filter

There’s a reason why filters have become so popular – they change the mood of photos and add variety. Test a wide variety of filters on your images. Sepia and black-and-white filters can give images a vintage look, while brightening filters can make images look artistic.


5. Add text overlays

Enhance your images by inserting text in attractive fonts. Consider adding your business’s name and logo next to an image of your shop’s most popular product. Bear in mind that we don’t recommend using more than 20% text in your advert image. You can also include a call-to-action in your image to help drive more valuable interactions.


6. Swap the background

Make your featured product stand out by changing the background of a photo. Adjust the background colours and patterns to add contrast and make the foreground the main focus. Consider creating several backgrounds around a theme related to your product or service.


7. Enhance with mobile apps

Apps may be one of your best resources for editing and enhancing your creative. Not only do you have multiple editing features at your disposal, you also have the convenience of editing from your mobile device. Here are some apps to get started:

– Layout (photo) – Create a single composition using up to nine images laid out in various combinations.

– MSQRD (text and graphic overlays) – This face-swapping app lets you alter images, add filters and also add text to images.

Boomerang (GIFs) – Boomerang creates a GIF-like video, playing the same action forwards and backwards. It’s best used to reinforce a simple action that communicates the key message of your advert.