A new year brings new opportunities for marketers to drive demand and increase conversions. Advancements in marketing technology are paving the way for better, more engaging digital experiences in 2017 — and marketers that can capitalize on these trends will reap the ROI benefits. Below we have summarized, in no particular order, the top eight 2017 digital marketing trends from our team at Glim.


1. Facebook will become more and more relevant for businesses (and B2B marketing)

Facebook, the world’s most popular social media platform — with over 1.79 billion monthly users — will continue to create more and more opportunities for businesses to profit from their platform. Facebook Ads currently surpass Google Ads in value, mainly due to Facebook’s powerful ad targeting features that Adwords just can’t match. What’s more? Marketers can look forward to even more ways to reach potential customers through Facebook Messenger Chat Bots which allow you to automate your customer conversations.


2. Twitter will become less and less relevant for businesses

Since Twitter’s inception, the micro-blogging tool has always felt like it was a bit of an uphill climb to find its place as a social network. Which is why this past year, Twitter announced their repositioning: Twitter is no longer a social network — Twitter is a news product. A great content aggregation tool, Twitter is now solely focused on being the world’s go-to source for breaking news. Which means, less emphasis on marketing features and reduced opportunities to leverage Twitter for lead generation. Next year, save your marketing spend for other more lucrative social platforms.


3. Advertisers will move their budgets more and more to social platforms

Today, people ‘live’ in social platforms. When cruising Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook, users don’t just pick it up and put it down. They pick it up, and stay there — so the money will follow. Smart marketers know they need to get in front of their audience and finding a way to capture their attention on social platforms will be key. One of the hottest 2017 digital marketing trends, focus on investing in creative content to distribute via social channels.


4. Video content will increase — both in organic and paid search

Video was all the rage in 2016, and it is just the beginning of what’s to come this year. Historically, video has been known to come with a large price tag — but video content doesn’t have to be expensive. Think short, snappy, and subtitled (since most video content is consumed with no audio) and include a targeted CTA. Plus, video platforms like Wistia have enabled detailed analytics for video content to help marketers measure their ROI. If you haven’t already experimented with video, make sure you find a way to weave it in your digital marketing strategy for 2017.

5. Make sure your marketing is mobile friendly

Today more than 50 percent of searches on Google are placed using a mobile device — making mobile the leading medium for online discovery. To accommodate this shift, Google is launching a new mobile-first index to prioritize mobile websites. Google’s current algorithm ranks web pages using a desktop crawl for search queries, regardless of whether the search was placed on desktop or mobile. The mobile-first index will bump mobile-friendly sites up in search results and demote websites that have limited mobile content in comparison to the content offered on their desktop version.


6. Content needs to be long form — blog posts under 350 words will no longer cut it

Content marketing is here to stay, but the rules are changing. Blog posts need to be 1000 words and above — short 350-word blogs are no longer good enough. Blogs under 500 words aren’t SEO friendly and don’t provide readers with enough meat to be worthwhile. People want long form content that is easy to digest. What’s more, educational content that provides an in-depth look at subject matter will help you to build trust with your audience, demonstrate your authority and expertise, and increase the likelihood of social shares.


What are your predictions for 2017 digital market trends? If you are looking to build your digital marketing strategy or kick your approach up a notch by taking advantage of the marketing advancements 2017 has to offer, we can help. Contact us to find out how we can help you set your business on the right track in 2017!