You use Snapchat to keep your customers abreast of your every move, but are you really taking advantages of all its features? If not, then you’ve come to the right place. Read on to find out how you can use Snapchat more effectively to achieve your marketing goals!


1. Use more than one filter.

A tongue-wagging dog is cute and all, but it’s time to expand your filtering horizons. Once you add one geofilter, press and hold on the screen with one finger while you continue to swipe with another. So long as you’re not in filters that counteract each other, you can layer. Add the temperature, location, and speeds (as long as you’re not in the driver’s seat) to give your audience a full picture.


2. Create your own geofilter.

There are two different types: Community geofilters are free. They help you commemorate your high school, neighborhood, or something that will live indefinitely. While the Snapchat team needs to approve of them first (criteria includes its level of creativity and how often it will likely be used), it’s still a fun exercise. The community creates well over 50% of geofilters, according to a Snapchat spokesperson.

Alternatively, on-demand geofilters are a fun “party favor” for events. They cost as little as $5 and live for a shorter period of time. Use Illustrator, Photoshop, or Snapchat templates for weddings, celebrations, and birthdays. Map out where you want it to live and for how long, and the team will review it within one business day.


3. Save Snap to Memories.

You’re able to go back and share it to a new story. You can edit those snaps. Press and hold on the snap. Then tap the pencil to edit. From there, add and remove geofilters, text, and emojis. Ta da!


4. Autosave to Memories.

If you’re spending the day filming behind the scenes and know you’ll be snapping along the entire way, save yourself the time and headache and make sure your snaps always save to Memories. Go to settings, Memories, and then Autosave.


5. Pin different objects.

There’s a whole world of pinning you haven’t been using. A fun surprise is to pepper the videos with 3D stickers, bitmojis, or emojis on a friend’s face. Once the snap has been taken and you’re still in preview mode, tap the screen, and a circle will indicate the app is about to pin an object. Swipe through a ton of cute designs.


6. Easily capture footage.

Sometimes that circle button on the app’s camera is far out of reach while trying to fit the whole squad in a selfie. To record video on iOS and Android, press and hold the volume button. Press once to take a photo.