We keep it simple & real. We enjoy the frenzy of design challenges & the buzz of social media strategies.

About Glim Design Dubai UAE

About us

At Glim it’s never really about us. It’s about you! Our work is about your brand experience & what you offer. Yet, we do have a tiny little story to tell, a peek at who we are. Two things you can already guess: it’s a love story, and it’s all about design.

Glim is a tight-knit family of curious & creative storytellers based in sunny Dubai. We believe in creating design that makes the world a better place. We craft brand experiences that are authentic, unique, and extraordinary. But most importantly, they make people feel something.

Our honest and transparent work speaks for itself. We deliver a personal, passionate & tailored service to each and every one of our clients, big or small, based in Dubai or abroad. We strongly believe that there’s no merit in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, which is why we strive to deliver a personalized digital experience every time.

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How we work

We work openly and transparently. Our process is the product of years of refinement and we pride ourselves on our approach. We treasure collaboration and like working with you, not for you. We always aim to finish a project as long term strategic partners, not just one-time service providers. So get used to us being around!

Before we do anything we’ll come and meet you. We’ll then ask for a written brief. Once we’ve agreed on the right strategic route for you, we’ll get to work on the creative direction. This could be delivering a variety of possible ideas, or building up one concrete solution. Then after a set time we’ll look at the execution and the results to see how, together, we can build on the success.


We love working as a team to bring you the perfect blend of creative & technical wizardry, the best formula for a great branding & marketing experience!

Omar Baghdadi

Business Development Manager

Business Development Manager for Glim Design

Hadeel Ragab

Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Management

Abdul Shameer

UI & Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer for websites and mobile apps

Joy Gestiada

Sales Coordinator

Glim Design office administrator


We don’t work with just anyone – we work with people we believe in. We involve our clients every step of the way to align our work with their brand’s vision.


Two heads (or more) are better than one. We partner with like-minded agencies with services that complement ours, in order to offer our clients a 360° branding & marketing experience.